Anjali Schiavina

CEOMandala Apparels

Anjali Schiavina founded Mandala Apparels a garment manufacturing company for exports based in Pondicherry, South India in 2002.

As a socially conscious business and to enhance the industry’s current and future position she has ensured that MANDALA has moved beyond fragmented individual actions and has focused on collective efforts and partnerships to achieve scale that creates positive social, economic and environmental impact.

At Mandala, sustainability is embedded in our Mission and our initiative aims to develop an innovative circular business model. The development of innovative circular design approach and business model has been created as an open design and co-creation process between manufacturer, brands and research organizations.

Over the past decade her effort has been to identify strong Value chain partners who are pioneers in the industry and are working on cutting edge innovation in process and technology in the sustainable space. Through Mandala’s transparent value chain, we create global communities of farmers, manufacturers and end-consumers who are committed to a sustainable future.

Today, 17 years later, Mandala has grown into a fair trade and organic certified enterprise with a high level of responsibility, accountability and integrity. Mandala employs 280 workers and more than 80% of them are women who come from unskilled, semi-skilled and rural backgrounds.

She has been associated with number of social and business institutions:

Past Vice chair, CSR for Confederation of Indian Industry, Southern Region,
Past chairwoman for Indian women Networking Puducherry.
Founding Board Member of Fairtrade Twin Town, National Steering Committee.
Founding Board Member of Fairtrade Twin Town, Town Steering Committee.

Recently Mandala has received the Gender Parity Award by Confederation of Indian Industry.

Since 2016, she is working towards making Pondicherry and Auroville the First Fair Trade Towns in India.
She strives for fair trade, women empowerment, capacity building, organic farming, skill development and well-being in the fashion Industry.


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