Alana Burgess

StudentPenncrest High School

Alana is a sophomore at Penncrest High School in Media, Pa, the first Fair Trade Town in America. She first learned about Fair Trade when members of the Fair Trade Committee came to her elementary school and did a presentation on Fair Trade. Since then, Alana has joined the Media Fair Trade Committee and started living a more Fair Trade centered lifestyle. In her freshman year, Alana restarted the Fair Trade Committee at Penncrest, which had no major student involvement since it was first started. The new Penncrest Fair Trade Committee has created new traditions- like Fair Trade presentations to 9th graders in their global studies classes, and Fair Trade midterms parties. They have also made connection with Penncrest’s student council to put Fair Trade products into pre-existing fundraiser and events. She hopes to continue to grow the Penncrest Fair Trade Committee and leave behind a solid student body to run the committee when she graduates.


Learning from Leaders: Success Stories from Long-Running Campaigns
March 25, 2018 - 10:40 AM - 11:40 AM
Room D/E